After his recent victory at the Hero World Challenge, PGA Superstar Bubba Watson said : “If I ever become No. 1 in the world, ever, somehow, I’m walking away,” he said. “I’m going to walk away on top.”

This, coming from a player who indicated in 2014 that 10 wins on the PGA Tour might trigger his retirement from golf.

Well, the world’s #4th ranked 37 year old with 8 PGA Tour wins is hovering dangerously close to his self-imposed cut lines for early retirement.

Why Watson seems to be obsessed by the idea of walking away from his professional golfing life is easy to understand.  He’s never made it a secret that his wife & adopted children come first along with his desire to spend more time with them off the course.

Watson also has interests in charitable work, loves his unique toys, and recently purchased a minor league baseball team in Pensacola.

But, I think if he walked away from golf anytime soon, it would be a blow for the PGA Tour.

Despite the fact that Bubba was voted the “least popular player on tour” by his peers, fans love his personality and his style of golf is good for the Tour.

As I brought up in my September 5 column: “How To Bring Back the Fans”, TV ratings for PGA Tour events and American participation in golf are both down.

The PGA needs people like Bubba to continue to be an allure to the fans in the gallery who are already there to see his outstanding southpaw shot-making ability.

More importantly, Watson is a guy who has obtained greatness despite never having a lesson.  This has to be inspiring to amateurs and other young serious players who want to play the game professionally.

Alas, we may see Bubba stay on Tour past his early retirement predictions.  But, I would surprised if that happened.  He seems anxious to move on from golf and have fun with his family and spend his earnings.

Can’t blame the guy, but I’ll be the first to say I’ll miss him.

Source : Bubba Watson Official PGA Profile

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