Who cares most about the FedExCup Playoffs?

  • The PGA Tour?
  • The Players?
  • The fans?

If you answered the PGA Tour – You’re probably right.

Introduced in 2007, the FedExCup was designed to help keep the top Tour players engaged through the end of the PGA season during a very competitive time of year in sports (late Aug/Sept).

It works as a season-long points competition based on the players’ winning results over 47 events.  The top 125 players with the most points at the end of the season move on to a 4 event playoff series that features a progressive cut concluding with the top 30 players vying for the trophy and a $10 million bonus at the Tour Championship.

Obviously, when top players compete it attracts more sponsors and more fans which ultimately means more profit for the PGA Tour.

As for the players, there is a growing prestige for the award which once was criticized for the way it used to calculate winners.

Since that process has been ironed out, players are now focusing on achieving an award that includes such distinguished past winners as Tiger Woods, Henrik Stenson, Jim Furyk and Jordan Spieth, among others.

Oh yeah, then there’s that $10 million up for grabs.  A great enticement for even the richest of players.

It also doesn’t hurt that the award could be a saving grace to an otherwise disappointing season.

Take Rory McIlroy, for example.  This year, he had 10 Top 10s, won 1 tournament & is ranked 6th in the world.  But, no majors.  Putting this trophy on his mantle would be perceived as some form of accomplishment.

But, how do the fans really feel about the FedExCup?

If you asked this die-hard golf fan?  Meh.

I’m just not enthused about what feels like a trumped-up postseason fueled by dollar signs.

Yeah, golf is big business.  But, the FedExCup is so over-marketed it comes across as gimmicky.

And, it just feels wrong that the Tour has convinced the players it actually means something when it really doesn’t.

All that aside, though, golf is just not going to be able to compete with the NFL – ever.

Most of us football fans are already so entrenched in this country’s favorite sport that golf in September is an after-thought.

The ratings back me up, too.

According to Sports Media Watch, audience ratings for the first event of the FedExCup (The Barclays) was down this year from last by 25% and, it was the third-lowest rating for final round coverage at this event in at least 20 years, ahead of only 2008 and 2005.

Well, perhaps someday we the fans will come around to this FedExCup like the players are doing now.

But, until then, I’m ready for some football…


As a fan, do you care about the FedExCup?


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