Matt Ryan, QB (Falcons)

ATL 35 at OAK 28

I’ll admit I did not see this one coming.  Ryan is currently the #1 ranked QB in the NFL after Week 2.  His passer rate is best at 121.4, accuracy almost 73%, he’s averaging 10 yards per attempt, 2nd in passing yards (730), and has the best passing first down percentage of all QBs so far.  Definitely an improvement from his performance last season, which was considered a down year.  But, this QB has game and there has been much debate about if he will break into elite status someday.  On Sunday, he looked every bit elite as he threw for almost 400 yards, had 3 TDs and a passer rate of 131.5.  But bigger tests are on their way versus tougher defenses in the near future.

Isaiah Crowell, RB (Browns)

BAL 25 at CLE 20

The running back with the best performance in Week 2 was Crowell, the 5’11, 225 lb 23-year-old from Georgia.  He was mighty impressive on Sunday when he went on a historic 85-yard touchdown run which helped contribute towards his 133 yard rushing total, topping all other rushing leaders.  He also averaged 7.4 yards per carry, all of which nearly doubles his record from all of last year.  Nice to see talented players on low-rated teams getting accolades.

Stefon Diggs, WR (Vikings)

GB 14 at MIN 17

The Vikings picked up this talented 22-year-old in the 2015 NFL Draft and he is peaking just in the nick of time.  He’ll need to pick up some slack for the injured RB Adrian Peterson and help stabilize an offense already on pins & needles due the loss of their 1st string QB Teddy Bridgewater.  Luckily, replacement QB Sam Bradford was able to sling it all over the place last week with accuracy and Diggs was a benefactor.  In Week 2’s game, Diggs caught 9 of 11 receptions totaling 182 yards, averaged 20.2 yards, and had 1 TD.  A superstar in the making?

Von Miller, OLB (Broncos)

IND 20 at DEN 34

The best defensive player in the league, he was outstanding in Week 2 with 7 combined tackles, 3 sacks and 1 forced fumble.  For his performance, he was named the “AFC Defensive Player of the Week” (his 3rd conference recognition).  And, now with 4 sacks total in just 2 weeks, there is speculation that he could break Michael Strahan’s record of 22.5 in one season (2001).  Miller’s own personal best was 18.5 sacks in 2012.  At this pace and if he stays healthy, he’s going to get it done.

Los Angeles Rams (Offense)


(Wk 1 – LA 0 at SF 28)

(Wk 2 – SEA 3 vs LA 9)

And, the only team to not have scored a touchdown in the first two weeks of the season?  Yes, that would be the Rams.  A dubious distinction to be the worst offense in the NFL to start the new season, but that is how this team stacks up statistically.  Just think about this for a moment:  The Rams have only scored 9 points this season, while the Panthers have scored 66.  LA is also last in total offense yards, has the least passing yards and close to the bottom for rushing yards.  Sad that the team couldn’t get the #1 overall draft pick (QB Jared Goff) ready to play when they need him so dearly.  Word is that Goff is physically ready, but is struggling to learn the NFL system. In the meantime, they’ve had to use QB Casey Keenum who is currently ranked last with a QBR of 22.0Major Ouch.  Someone find the Rams a QB whisperer…

Philadelphia Eagles (Offense)


(Wk 1 –CLE 10 at PHL 29)

(Wk 2 – PHL 29 vs CHI 14)

So far, the Eagles have the best scoring margin (+17.0 points) over any other team in the league.  It’s true that they played 2 teams that rank on the bottom of the NFL power rankings early this season.  But, it’s interesting to note that the QB leading this charge is the 2nd overall draft pick (Carson Wentz), who was actually ready to start Week 1 in comparison to the Rams’ QB Goff.  It’s clear to see that even with a rookie who has a QBR of 63.8, or 20th overall, offenses can still manage to put up good numbers while the defense holds down the fort.  (By the way, the Eagles Total Def ranks #4 vs Rams #10).  It’ll be interesting to see how Wentz and the Eagles D deals with the Steelers when they come to town Sunday.

Source : NFL Stats

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