Tom Brady, QB (Patriots)

NE 33 at CLE 13

So, Brady made this list the first game he came back after not playing since the AFC Conference Championship Game vs Denver on Jan 24, 2016.  Crazy that he puts up numbers in Week 5 like this: 406 yards passing, 3 TDs, 0 Interceptions, 70% completion rate and a 127.7 passer rating.  Of course, always the perfectionist & hard worker, Brady wasn’t fully satisfied with his stellar performance.  “I think there was plenty of rust out there,” he said on Sunday. “I could do better in a lot of areas. I think it was a good win today. But it was one game. Like I said, 4-1 is a good place to be for us. We’ve got a long road ahead.”  Bellichick is good, but Brady makes him better. Just submit. Let yourself be in awe of the best quarterback of the modern era.

David Johnson, RB (Cardinals)

AR 33 at SF 21

If you haven’t heard of David Johnson, you better get used to the name, quick.  This second-year RB was picked up in the 3R by Arizona in the 2015 draft and is a star on the rise.  He was named NFC Offensive Player of Week 5 for his performance rushing 157 yards, scoring 2 TDs on 27 carries, and he also caught 3 passes for 28 yards.  That last stat shows what a “dual threat” he is, in that he has versatility to be used as a WR and for kickoff returns in addition to RB. Already, his name is being associated with Marshall Faulk, the legendary Hall of Famer and dual threat runner.  Even Bill Bellichick gushed over Johnson earlier this season and took note of his major strengths which include his size (strength to break tackles), speed (ability to separate), quickness and intelligence.

Greg Olsen, TE (Panthers)

CAR 14 at TB 17

This 10-year two-time Pro Bowl veteran worked hard in Week 5 to help QB Cam Newton’s backup and the Panthers to win on the road by catching 9 passes for 181 yards (a career high) while averaging 20.1 yards per carry.  Despite Carolina’s loss, Olsen’s performance demonstrates his versatility as a tight end and also, his ability to split out wide as a receiver.  According to advanced analytics crunching of, Olsen now leads the points for tight ends “by a landslide” in fantasy points.  Hopefully, the terrific season he is having so far this year isn’t too overshadowed by the fact that Carolina is in a major deficit at 1-4.  Likely, one major reason for the team’s early failures is a high turnover rate already (a league high 14).  Last year, the Panthers only gave it away 19 times total.

Vic Beasley, OLB (Falcons)

ATL 23 at DEN 16

After his performance during Week 5’s win over Denver, perhaps we should rename this 24-year-old 2nd year outside linebacker as Vic “Beastley”.  Just check out these ridiculous numbers:  3 QB hits, 7 tackles, 2 Forced Fumbles and 3.5 sacks that totaled 29 yards in lost yardage. These numbers have some calling it his “breakout game”.  And, looking at the stats, this is indeed the best game of his young career so far.  In fact, no other player has registered 3.5 sacks in 1 game this year.  Yes, Beastley did all of this against a rookie back-up quarterback (Paxton Lynch), but nothing should be taken away from his achievements last week and Atlanta’s defense overall, as they took Lynch down 6 total times.

Dallas Cowboys Rushing Offense

It’s no surprise to me that the Cowboys lead the league in rushing yards (776), rushing yards per game on average (155.2), most rushing attempts per game, most rushing 1st downs, and most rushing TDs (11).  They have the best run-blocking O-Line in the league and rookie RB Ezekiel Elliott, former Ohio State superstar.  It was expected that combined (like in 2014 when Dallas had the most dominant offensive line & RB DeMarco Murray), they would collide for maximum production and help Dallas reign king in this area once again.  Elliott alone has accounted for 546 rushing yards, recorded 31 first downs (the next closest player has 23), scored 5 touchdowns, and is averaging 109.2 rushing yards per game.  It’s no wonder his first season in the NFL is being compared with that of Eric Dickerson’s record-breaking rookie year, which Elliott is on pace to smash.

Odell Beckham JR., WR (Giants)

A particular stat that stuck out to me regarding this player has nothing to do with his actual playing time.  Instead, I noticed today that Odell Beckham, Jr. has the top selling jersey in the NFL despite the fact that he is best known as of late for his immature, selfish and careless behavior rather than outstanding performance.  From slamming his helmet into a kicking net after his QB intercepted, to crying on the sidelines, aggressive behavior on field towards other players and nonsensical public tweets, Beckham has been acting out of line and seems out of control.  Apparently, his petulant behavior has the Giants management so concerned that two different NY coaches have admitted they are thinking of at least benching Beckham for any further distracting antics and may even suspend him.  Meanwhile, his production has been way down this year having caught fewer than 45% of the passes thrown his way in the last 2 Games.  The NY Giants are also spiraling downwards having lost their last 3 games.  So, why would fans be spending their hard-earned money to wear the name of this player on their back?  For sure, Beckham is one talented player. But, at the moment, he is conducting himself in a totally unprofessional manner and it may be costing the team’s success in the end.  The only explanation for the rise in Beckham’s jersey sales is that Halloween is right around the corner. Maybe those people want to dress up as an undisciplined, wayward diva?


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