As a serious fan of major league baseball, I figure that I’ve watched at least 3,500 games over the last 30 years.

And, during that time, I’ve noticed great teams who win championships all have at least one thing in common:  an unbelievable chemistry.

Monday night, while watching Game 7 of the NLCS, I saw this quality in the San Francisco Giants and it is what I think will propel them to win this year’s World Series.

My opinion above is not based in scientific fact or statistics.  It’s just an observation, but not one to be discarded lightly.

With great chemistry amongst its players, a winning team has an edge: the ability to come from behind even under dire circumstances.  It’s a quality that is a must for a winning team of any sport to be victorious.  And, it’s probably the hardest element of a team to get, because it’s intangible.  No one can predict it.  But, when it happens, it’s the magic elixir.

No offense to Detroit fans out there.  I do think the Tigers have some chemistry and a desire to win.  They have great players on the team and a terrific coach in Jim Leyland.  But, do they believe in themselves, that they can win under any circumstance handed to them?  I’m not so sure.

The Tigers just didn’t seem to have the same kind of hunger in their faces that the Giants did Monday night when they won their Championship Series.

It’s true that Detroit won the ALCS 4-0 after beating the Yankees who couldn’t find the ball with their bats.

But, look at the way the Giants got here: down 1-3 games in the NLCS and down 0-2 games in the NLDS.   They had to defy the odds and beat teams that were probably better than they were.  How can we explain this?  Chemistry.

For me, it’s the edge that San Fran has over Detroit and they are going to need it.

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