Those of us who are fans of former Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch are anxious to find out if the 30-year old will come out of retirement, for real this time.

About a year ago and after 9 seasons in the NFL as a rusher for the Bills (2007-10) and Seahawks (2010-2015), Lynch famously tweeted his decision to depart the NFL.

Since then, there have been numerous rumors of his desire to return.  But last week,  the “most real one” (as dubbed by a former teammate of his) seems to have emerged.

Apparently, various reports indicate that Lynch seriously wants to “un-retire” and play for his hometown Raiders.

Sources also suggest that he asked Seattle to free him from his contract so that he could either be released or traded to Oakland. (Lynch’s NFL rights remain the property of the Seahawks – he has two years remaining on his contract.)

At the same time, ESPN reported that Oakland is “strongly considering the acquisition” of the talented 9 year veteran, especially since they lost their chief rusher (Latavius Murray) to Minnesota during free agency.

On Monday, Lynch’s agent, Doug Hendrickson, neither confirmed nor denied the reports that he wanted to come back as he hasn’t talked to him since the story first broke.  But he did admit that Lynch “misses football”.

Hendrickson also implied that he is supposed to touch base with Lynch sometime this week and will find out then where he is at with his decision.

Whether or not the speculation is true, I sure hope “Beastmode” takes the plunge and revives his career in the near future.  He’s so fun to watch.  (YouTube highlights)

All that physicality… strength… all those tackles he can break… that power to mow down defenders… his ability to dominate… It’s a thing of beauty.

But, what’s really exciting about Lynch is how big he plays for his size.  At only 5’11 and 215 pounds, he’s been known to drag 4, 5 or 6 players with him heading towards the end zone.  Either that, or he will run you over.  Not many running backs have this sheer violent intensity.

Packers corner Sam Shields said in 2015 that getting hit by Lynch was like getting “hit by a train”… “I’ve never been hit by a train, of course, but that’s what it seems like: A big train coming right at you. It’s hard to stop when it gets going.”

Cardinals safety Antoine Bethea once said about Lynch: “You know he’s a serious player when your defensive coordinator tells you before the game that it will take all 11 of you to get him down.”

And, while he may not stack up with the greats of our era statistically speaking (his 9,112 career rushing yards ranks 36th all-time), Lynch was consistently good every full season he played as he rushed for 1,000+ yards in 6 of his 9 NFL seasons.

The postseason is really where Lynch excelled, though.  He had 937 career playoff rushing yards (8th all-time), ran for 9 playoff TDs (T-7th all-time), and averaged 85.2 rushing yards per game in the playoffs.

He also helped the Seahawks win their first Super Bowl in 2013 and was instrumental in their return to the championship game in 2014.

As for Lynch playing for the Raiders, it’s a perfect fit for both.

He is reportedly healthy again, fit, and has ties to Oakland.  Meanwhile, the Bay Area team is in need of a prolific running back like him who could take them to the next level and contend in the Super Bowl.

Boy, if I was a Raiders fan and Lynch came back, I’d be giddy.

Think of it: QB Derek Carr is ready to return at the helm, they have the 4th best offensive line in the league, a top 10 defense, and in 2016 had a league-high 7 Pro Bowlers including WR Amari Cooper and DE Khalil Mack.

Add in Marshawn Lynch running across the field towards the end zone, and inspiring the rest of the team with his excellence… Awesome.


Source : Marshawn Lynch Career NFL Stats

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