I wonder… If a Genie in a bottle showed up at Alex Rodriguez’s doorstep today and offered him the chance to be 18 years old again, what would he choose?

Would he give up all the wealth and accolades that he has accumulated since he turned pro nineteen years ago?

Of course, I’ll never understand the kind of financial and professional success that ARod has already achieved.  But, I wonder if at his current age of 37 years old, and after his abysmal performance in this year’s post season, would ARod be tempted to have that fresh lithe young body back again and an open clear mind full of ambitions?

Would he want to be that 18 year old kid again who would have probably stood up to the plate and knocked in at least one home run against the Orioles and Tigers, and brought in at least one RBI in 26 at bats, instead of striking out more than half the time?

In 1993, Rodriguez was considered by baseball experts as the best prospect in the nation, maybe ever.  He had just come off of a phenomenal high school career in which he led his school to a national championship in his junior year and in 100 games batted .419 and stole 90 bases.  MLB scouts were predicting his incredible potential.  He had the ability to do anything he wanted on the ball field with just a little tutelage.  And, the sky was the limit as to his future.  So, would he be tempted to give it all up now for that feeling again?

Alas, Alex Rodriguez cannot go back in time.  He can’t undo any of the decisions he made and he has to live with his current middle aged body with several surgeries behind him.

Perhaps he has fulfilled all of the goals (and more) that he had for himself when he first started out.  Yet, what if he somehow channeled that 18 year old again who stood at the gates of success back in 1993 and who was full of ambitions and thirsty for success?  Is he too far gone now because of the money and is content with what he has already accomplished?

As a fan of the game of baseball, I sure hope not.


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