I never got into the College Football scene.  But, it hasn’t been by choice, mind you.  I’m dying to find out what all the fun is about.

You see, my father never watched the sport while I was growing up, which meant I didn’t either.  Neither of my parents went to college and, I received my degree from an arts school in Manhattan.  So, how do I crash this party without an Alma Mater?

I thought about just picking a college in close proximity to where I live, but I hope to gain a more diverse flavor of the sport.  From a distance, I can see that there is excitement around rivalries born from competition within the Conferences and I’d like to explore them on a more national level.

Thus, I’ve come up with a plan which will help me get the most exposure to the top teams across the country by New Year’s Day .

Essentially, I decided to put the top 25 ranked teams each into a hat and pull a new one out every 2 weeks.  I’ll then research that particular football program and root for the team during their weekly game.

Since I came in on week 7 of the season, before I started my blog (October 13), the list I will use is the AP College Rankings as of Week 7.

Well, wish me luck.  I’m very excited to jump in and finally gain access into the world of College Football.  I’ll share my experiences along the way.  See you then…

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