SPORTS FILM REVIEW – “Fastball (2016)”

If you're a hardcore baseball fan like me, you'll enjoy this fascinating documentary that poses the ultimate question: "Who really threw the fastest, ever?" (Hint: It's not Aroldis Chapman.) | May 30, 2017, 4:06pm ET


If you’ve ever wanted to breed and race your own thoroughbred, but thought it was a privilege limited to the wealthy, this enthralling 2014 documentary is for you. | Feb 8, 2017, 4:23pm ET


I really enjoyed this film. It inspired the sports lover inside of me and also, touched my heart. | Oct 8, 5:18pm ET

SPORTS FILM REVIEW – “Trouble With the Curve”

I never saw a baseball film I didn’t like. That’s just who I am. Even if a film isn’t very good, I’ll still like it if it’s about baseball. I have a simple explanation why:  Like chocolate and peanut butter, our national pastime and film go together like a match made in Heaven. Baseball is filled ...

SPORTS FILM REVIEW – “The Jackie Robinson Story” (1950)

On April 15, 1947, America changed forever.  This day saw the first African-American man ever to play professional baseball. The player’s name was Jack Roosevelt Robinson; “Jackie” for short. His middle name in honor of former US President Theodore Roosevelt. He had all the components the Brooklyn Dodgers ...

SPORTS FILM REVIEW – “The Bad News Bears” (1976)

It happens every year about this time.  Deep into the heart of winter I’m missing baseball terribly.  I only have a 75 day wait until MLB’s opening day, ugh. My solution?   Watch a baseball film to bring me back to the summertime and the feeling of playing ball again when I was a kid. You remember: your Dad ...

SPORTS FILM REVIEW – “The Stratton Story”

Outside of watching sports, another passion of mine is film.  Old movies, new movies, I like 'em all.  And, well, if I can watch a film about sports, then Heaven seems just a few doorsteps away... Recently,  I came upon a little gem on Netflix which I'd like to recommend to fellow sports fans called "The Stratton ...