About Me

I was a “Daddy’s Girl” growing up.  Lucky for me, my Dad was an avid sports fan.  So, I was always by his side while he watched baseball, football, The Wide World of Sports and the NHRA.  That’s where my passion for watching sports started.

As for playing them, well, I’m not exactly wired to be an athlete, but in grade school and high school I had a knack for hitting a softball.  I wound up on some championship teams and won lots of batting trophies which I cherish.

Today, I live vicariously through athletes and am absolutely fascinated by the idea of success in sports.  Whether it’s an individual who sets out to accomplish a personal achievement, or a team who strives to win a championship, I wonder what did or didn’t work, why it worked, and enjoy sharing my own hypothesis.

In 2012, I decided to start this sports blog as an outlet for my unique perspective and have really enjoyed the process.

So, come on, let’s have some fun and talk about everything related to sports.  What could be a better way to pass the time?

~Shelly Holt

[email protected].